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New to My Account?

Please review the helpful content below to learn more about My Account and how to RSVP for events. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my ticket dates and locations?

Your performance dates, times and seating locations are accessible via the My Calendar area in My Account.

Where did the ticket exchange form go?

Click into the My Calendar area in My Account, and look for your performance dates and times that you are currently scheduled to attend but wish to exchange. If your tickets have been printed and paid in full, an “Exchange Ticket” button will be listed to the right.

How do I update my credit card or payment plan schedule?

Head to the My Payments area in My Account, and look for any Status that says “Next Payment”. This means that there is still money due on a payment plan for a subscription order or a pledge. Click to View Details of the transaction, and look for the links to either “Update Credit Card Information” or “View or Update Payment Plan”. Your change will be processed within one business day.

How do I change my:
Email Address & Preferences
Postal Address
Phone Number
Household Members

Go the Edit Account area in My Account and click on the Edit button under the area you wish to update. Your change will be processed with one business day.

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