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Seattle Opera.

Seating Chart

Marion Oliver McCaw Hall

Please note:  There are no obstructed view seats at McCaw Hall.  Sightlines are clear from all sections and there are no pillars or obstructions. 

McCaw Hall Seating Chart



McCaw Hall Seating Map by Section Number and Row Ranges

McCaw Hall Seating Chart by Rows

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About the Levels of McCaw Hall


  1. Orchestra – Main floor, center of auditorium. Here you will have a performers’ level view of the stage looking straight ahead. The floor is gently raked and the seating staggered to maximize visibility of the onstage action. The first few rows of the main floor usually delight those who dare to give them a try. Orchestra Front (Rows B-D) and Orchestra Back (last 6 rows) are the least expensive seating areas on this level. The Dress Circle overhang is above Orchestra Back (starting at Row W).
  2. Gallery – This is a unique seating area not found in most theaters. Located on either side of the auditorium, the Gallery connects the Main Floor to the First Tier, giving it a steep rake that ensures an unencumbered view; it also allows you to see more of the stage deck and orchestra pit than you can from seats on the Main Floor. The Gallery Lower is a less expensive area than Gallery Upper.
  3. Dress Circle – The first four rows of our first balcony make up our Dress Circle. These are the luxury seats of the opera as they are close to the stage and high enough up to see the stage deck and into the orchestra pit.
  4. First Tier – Behind the Dress Circle with excellent views of the stage and a steeper rake than Main Floor. Some patrons say the sound is better in the first and second tiers than on the main floor.
  5. Second Tier – Our top balcony. Here you have a panoramic, full view of all the stage action from every section and can enjoy the sound resonating throughout the hall.
  6. Boxes – The exclusive first and second tier boxes, located on either side of the auditorium, offer privacy and great views (particularly into orchestra pit). They put you “on top” of the action, close to the stage and very steep.

To see a photo preview from different seating areas, visit the seating chart on the official McCaw Hall website.